Case study 8.5
Global union UNI Break the Circle! Campaign

The global union for service workers, Union Network International (UNI), launched a Break the Circle! Campaign against gender violence. The specially designated website includes policy documents, discussion guides and campaign materials such as posters, banners and stickers.

UNI’s overall campaign objectives are to:

  • raise the issue of gender violence and its causes
  • provide campaign action tools for change

Each year UNI adopts a specific area of gender violence, including: domestic violence; the role of men as agents of change, with posters and a campaign theme "BE MAN ENOUGH. BE A LEADER AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE"; and violence at work, identifying why workplace violence exists.


For further information see:

UNI Equal Opportunities Break the Circle website: The Break the Circle website includes many downloadable resources, including videos, posters and links.
See: Negotiator guides, policy documents, and discussion documents are also available: