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Global union ITF Action Guide on Violence against Women

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) considers their members are often at the forefront of workplace violence. Many women transport workers have to deal with sexual harassment and gender-based violence, both in the workplace and in the community. The ITF Action Guide on Violence Against Women argues that violence against women is a trade union issue and encourages transport trade unions to make a difference through raising awareness, negotiating policies with the employer and campaigning with others to strengthen legal rights.

The ITF Action Guide is a resource with case studies, information on regional activities and action points. The practical resources are designed to help deliver collective agreements, legislation and other frameworks on violence prevention and justice.

The ITF has also drawn up the following action plan to tackle gender-based violence:

  • Ensure that male members of the union are involved in developing policy and campaigns against gender-based violence – men are the most effective change-makers.
  • Negotiate collective agreements with employers and prepare model clauses for employers to use.
  • Produce clear and accessible resources aimed at both men and women about the connection between HIV/AIDS and violence against women.
  • Build a popular campaign to encourage men, especially young men, to challenge violence against women.
  • Encourage more men to take part in the UN Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November – and carry on public campaigning throughout the year.
  • Use transport networks or routes for advertisements on the consequences of gender-based violence – for example see national government advertisements on inter- generational sex in Uganda.
  • Consider if the union can offer any support to victims of violence, possibly as a result of social dialogue – e.g. advice brochures or harassment hotlines.
  • Place articles in newspapers, popular journals and local radio on the connection between gender-based violence and HIV infection. Encourage media debates.
  • Develop relationships and initiatives with a broad range of civil society organizations – consider the possibility of a joint?project and/or explore funding from the UN Trust Fund.


Source: ITF (2014) Action Guide on Violence Against Women