Module 8
Social dialogue and working in partnership

Learning objective  

The contents of this module enable participants to:

  • Appreciate the role and value of social dialogue and partnerships in preventing sexual harassment and violence at work.

Module contents

One briefing:

  • Briefing 8.1 - Social dialogue and working in partnership

Six case studies:

  • Case Study 8.1: Indonesian Employers’ Association - Guidelines for employers on sexual harassment
  • Case Study 8.2: Global union ITF Action Guide on Violence Against Women
  • Case Study 8.3: Challenging sexual harassment in horticulture through social dialogue in Uganda
  • Case Study 8.4: Collective bargaining agreement on sexual harassment with banana producers in Latin America
  • Case Study 8.5: Global union UNI Break the Circle! Campaign
  • Case Study 8.6: The role of men and boys in ending violence against women

Two Learning Activities:

  • Learning Activity 8.1: Social dialogue in the workplace: reducing production pressures
  • Learning Activity 8.2: Negotiating a collective bargaining agreement on violence and abuse in the workplace

Target audiences

This module will be of particular interest to:

  • Lead global companies (e.g. brands and supermarkets)
  • Employers’ organizations, business associations and trade unions at local, national and international level
  • Local trade unions and NGOs supporting worker education
  • Multi-stakeholder initiatives and CSR stakeholders
  • Legal and government agencies
  • Occupational safety and health specialists and representatives
  • International and local development programme planners