Module 6
Identifying, monitoring and reporting on sexual harassment in the workplace

Learning objective

The contents of this module provide information and resources for participants to:

  • Analyse practical ways to identify, monitor and report on gender-based violence and sexual harassment, with a specific focus on low/non-unionized workplaces.

Module content

One briefing:

  • Briefing 6: Identifying, reporting and monitoring sexual harassment against women in the workplace

Two case studies:

  • Case Study 6.1: Using drama and theatre to address gender-based violence
  • Case Study 6.2: Examples of the role of the media in raising awareness about gender-based violence

Four Learning Activities:

  • Learning Activity 6.1: Mapping the world of work
  • Learning Activity 6.2: Carrying out art focus groups
  • Learning Activity 6.3: Using theatre and role-plays to identify sexual harassment
  • Learning Activity 6.4: Identifying sexual harassment on a tea plantation

Target audiences

This module will be of particular interest to:

  • Employers’ organizations and trade unions at local, national and international level
  • Trainers of managers and workers in factories and farms in global supply chains
  • Local trade unions and NGOs supporting worker education
  • Legal and government agencies, and victim advisers
  • Multi-stakeholder initiatives and CSR stakeholders
  • International and local development programme planners
  • Researchers