This Resource Kit on Gender-based Violence in Global Supply Chains is the result of a partnership between and the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) and Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). Collaboration between ITCILO and FWF started in 2013 on the occasion of the ITCILO Gender Academy, with the mutual recognition that both institutions see the prevention and elimination of gender-based violence in the world of work as a priority.

The International Labour Standards, Rights at Work and Gender Equality Programme (ILSGEN) of the ITCILO wishes to thank all those who have supported and contributed to the development of this Resource Kit on Gender-based Violence in Global Supply Chains: Erica van Doorn (Director, Fair Wear Foundation) and Andreas Klemmer (Director of Training, ITCILO) for their moral and financial support to the publication project; Simonetta Cavazza (former Manager of ILSGEN) who, together with Jo Morris (Visiting Professor in Practice, London School of Economics) conceived the original idea and contributed to the overall design and pedagogical conception of this Kit; Jo Morris and Jane Pillinger, who were the main authors of the publication; the ITCILO, ILO and FWF colleagues who dedicated time to offer precious comments and advice: Yukiko Arai, Adrienne Cruz, Martin Curley, Daniel Cork (on behalf of BetterWork), Jesús García Jiménez, Adam Green , Alba Leon, Juliette Li, Karl Pfeffer, Jeanne Schmitt, Tzehainesh Teklé and Alice Vozza. Nora Wintour edited the final text; Valeria Morra, Yvonne Mourglia and Matteo Franceschini and the FWF graphic team helped with graphic design and layout. Benedetta Magri coordinated the overall process of design and production and Claudia Fuggiaschi provided overall administrative support.

Finally, a special word of thanks goes to all the participants who attended the workshops on gender-based violence in the world of work during the ITCILO Gender Academies in 2013 and in 2015. Their comments and engagement made us believe this publication is needed. We hope the Resource Kit will have many users - and will help prevent violence at work.