Briefing 0.1 - The ITCILO Resource Kit on Gender-based violence in global supply chains: what it is and how to use it

Who can benefit from the Resource Kit?

The ITCILO Resource Kit is relevant for individuals, groups and organizations interested in preventing and eliminating gender-based violence in global supply chains, with a specific focus on practical workplace initiatives.

This includes organizations that wish to raise awareness and assist in the development of policies and procedures at the workplace level. It is intended to reach a wide range of global, national and local based brands, multi-stakeholder initiatives, employers, trade unions and organizations involved in promoting workers’ rights, safe workplaces, human rights and gender equality, with an objective of eliminating gender-based violence in the world of work.

The Resource Kit is designed to be a flexible resource for:

  • Trainers and facilitators who are designing and running training courses in factories and farms
  • Designers of information and awareness-raising sessions for a wide range of stakeholders who have a role to play in preventing and eliminating gender-based violence at work
  • Social partners/ groups/ organizations interested in developing and implementing practical workplace initiatives
  • Groups/organizations seeking information to support advocacy and campaigns

Although this Resource Kit has a focus on practical initiatives, it can also be used as a reference for legislators and law enforcement bodies to identify the problems and practical workplace policy and procedures.